• Hennadiy Bondarenko сandidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of Department of Elementary Education, Kiev Boris Grinchenko University
  • Natalia Kipichenko сandidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Elementary Education, Kiev Boris Grinchenko University



educational-professional program, new strategy, training, manager for quality systems, primary education


The article describes the concept of "educational strategy", which the authors understand as a complex of qualitatively new goals, tasks, content, forms, methods, pedagogical technologies and innovative means of training a specialist, based on research, practice-oriented and competent approaches and contribute to the successful implementation of professional functions.

"Manager for Quality Systems of Primary  Education" is interpreted as a professionally trained specialist for a second (master) higher education level that is capable of: firstly, developing, systematically implementing, maintaining the functioning and improving the systems and mechanisms of internal audit of quality assurance of primary education that are responsible state requirements and documents of the institution of general secondary education; and secondly, to participate in the audit commissions during the external audit.

The content of the educational-professional program of the specialty 01300.01 «Primary education» (educational qualification: master of primary education, professional qualification: quality system manager in primary education), which was developed by the working group of the Kyiv Borys Grinchenko University is characterized.

The article proves that the general factors of the successful implementation of the program are: the educational process should be built on research, practice-oriented and competent approaches; to provide formation of universal (soft skills) and professional competences, managerial skills for effective activity in the conditions of real autonomy of educational institutions; development of the skills of creation and development of information infrastructure of primary school, organization of educational process in primary school in conditions of inclusive education.

Implementation of OPP involves the use of modern forms, methods and means of training, including: lectures (problem, brainstorming, interactive, briefing), seminars, practical classes, trainings, master classes, independent work, consultations, electronic (distance) training, individual classes, group design work, etc., as well as innovative technologies (1 pupil – 1 computer, case-study, blended learning, flipped classroom, CLIL, distance learning, cooperative learning, mobile learning).


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